Farmers’ president accuses Barrow of turning tour into political campaign


By Amadou Jadama

The president of the National Farmers’ Platform in the North Bank Region, Sambou Dampha has accused President Adama Barrow of neglecting the plight and concerns of farmers and used his meet-the-people tour for a political campaign.

Mr Dampha, a native of Baddibu Jajari and a supporter of the opposition UDP, told The Standard yesterday: “President Barrow has chosen to do politics using the state funded tour as a campaign instead of discussing with farmers and other rural community members about issues affecting them. The president’s only preoccupation and message now is how to win the upcoming December election instead of enquiring about farmers and rural community problems as required by the constitution which provided money for the trip.’


In the same vein, Mr Dampha warned the Minister of Agriculture Amie Fabureh not to mix farming issues with politics.

“People are hungry because the cost of living is getting higher and harder to afford and there are no drugs in our hospitals which makes ambulances meaningless,” he said.

Commenting on the NPP/APRC coalition, Dampha said the APRC executive who put Jammeh in a lot of mess are the ones going to Barrow. “The progressive APRC supporters who are honest know the self-serving deal between the executive and Barrow and will not vote for him.”