with Yaws

First of all, wishing you all a magnificent and fabulous NEW YEAR as we dive into a new decade with GOALS to help heighten our levels in all our aspirations.
Wow!It is already 2020 and I am debuting a fashion column and looking forward to a fruitful working relationship with The Standard newspaper! I am super duper excited about this new beginning as I am very passionate about what I do which is quite multifaceted if you may allow moi…I am YaWa Conateh by the way, I am the Creative Director of Yaws Creations which has now become a household name promoting and developing Gambian fashion,décor,art and culture, event coordinating and events,moving with and setting trends strongly inspired by my African heritage hence the reason why I am sooo happy about this new project as a columnist because it will cover all these segments and it also give me more ground to challenge myself about the things I am passionate about.
In this first episode, I am starting with fashion and body types/shapes. I would like to share a few tips on styling.

Know your shape
It is not that clothes look good on some women and not on others. It is about choosing cuts and styles that are right for you.
Getting personal: When it comes to style, it’s all about you. YES, you, if you are styling yourself, how you work it, how you own it, where you borrowed it?! This is very essential, so for example, I see my friend or a celebrity wearing something and I want it, so I am going to PAJA to make the dress for me and I want to copy the whole thing. NO! Poor choice. Add a little bit of your own unless you have the same body type as the person you are copying. In a more practical sense, how you narrow down the avalanche of options to those that work for your figure, your colouring, your patterns, your personality -your life. Of course sometimes (cue hideous dressing room lighting) we all struggle with the very basic question of what looks good on us.


It’s not that some human look good in clothes and some don’t, it’s about choosing cuts and styles that are right for you. Simple as that.This now boils down to knowing your shape.
1. Identifying your body shape: You know that voice in your head? The one saying you can’t wear those skirts or jeans because your backside looks tiny in them.
2. Accentuate the positive; time to let go off the angst, if you didn’t have your shape, you’d have another and they all require some specialised attention to what to wear and how.

Come to Yaws Creations and learn the basics of silhouette and proportions.

Busty- You don’t want to show too much, of course, but like Aji you do need to avoid bulky, overly voluminous clothes.

Small/busted – So you have a buxom figure? Who cares? (smiles) take a natural approach and just add distractions where needed.

For this weekend, this is what I got for toi, because I want to give each person especially females the tips to be courageous in their swag.And for my gentlemen, I got you next weekend insh’Allah. Till then, stay in peace.

Love, love, love!

Body shapes

IMG 20200109 WA0008
Slender/petite -When you are small boned and under 5’4”, the guiding principles are to wear shapes that don’t overwhelm your delicate frame and to avoid too many competing elements in a single outfit.
IMG 20200109 WA0009
Curvy/petite- No one could regret a body like this. But because curves can look exaggerated on smaller frames, the skill is in how you play with proportion.
IMG 20200109 WA0010
Curvy – Hiding this kind of shape is never really an option, so be like Fafa and play it up.
IMG 20200109 WA0011
Full-Figured/Fit – Colour and careful attention to silhouette makes outfits come together for someone who is larger.
IMG 20200109 WA0012
Boyish – A little short on curves? Just ruffle and flow.