Fatu Camara, former director of press at State House and popular broadcast journalist, has said that President Adama Barrow didn’t offer her any job contrary to the spreading rumours.
Pictures of Fatu Camara and President Barrow emerged after the duo met in Sierra Leone during the President’s recent visit with some saying Fatu has been offered a job.

But according to Fatu, who spoke to The Standard online from Dakar on her way back to DC, said “he didn’t offer me a job. I wasn’t there to look for a job,” adding that such report only indicates that people have built interest in her already exhaustively rumoured return.

“Well it was private because the presidential press corp were not present. I raised a few concerns and the president responded. It was great meeting him for the first time,” she said.
“Well to me it means Gambians are really interested in seeing me back home which is great. I appreciate the fact that they appreciate my contribution in the fight to end dictatorship in The Gambia. I am forever grateful to them and I can’t wait to join them all in contributing to New Gambia. I feel bad that I couldn’t make it to Gambia,” she added.


Pressed on this private meeting with the President and Foreign Affairs minister Ousainu Darboe, Fatu said: “I also want to remind the presidency that the local press should be included in their coverages. They did a great job during the fight against Jammeh and the impasse, they should not be sidelined now. It’s unfair. I respect the local press and will always stand in solidarity with them because we share the same profession which is a very noble one.”

Fatu described the brief discussion with President Barrow as cheerful but she however said their meeting in Freetown was purely coincidental.