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Faye assures Barrow Senegal-Gambia relations will not change

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By Omar Bah

Senegalese president Bassirou Diomaye Faye has assured President Adama Barrow that relations between the two countries will not change under his leadership.

Mr Faye was in Banjul on Saturday for a working visit. He was received at the Banjul International Airport by President Adama Barrow, ministers and senior members of the government.

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Hundreds of Senegalese and Gambians lined up the streets to welcome President Faye.

The heads of state held a consultative meeting to review the status of the historic bilateral relations between the two countries and reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining the established Presidential Council.

The visit also served as an opportunity for President Faye to reaffirm Senegal’s commitment to consolidating ties between the two countries.

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During his speech, President Faye expressed his willingness to surpass the achievements of his predecessor in strengthening bilateral relations with The Gambia.

“What President Macky Sall has achieved in the relations between our two countries, I pledge to do even more,” he said.

He disclosed that his government’s pan-African vision, focused on renewed brotherhood and strengthened solidarity among African nations.

“Senegal will never deviate from its trajectory in solidifying its relations with The Gambia. I extend my hand to you [Barrow] to strengthen you in your posture that entrenches peace and fraternity for our two countries. I know you will never leave this posture. And we, for our part, will do everything to further encourage you to work in this direction because for us, the borders and the flags do not matter. What matters to us is the way and manner people of the two countries interact and cooperate,” he said.

He said President Barrow should know that the friend he used to have in Senegal is still there. “Maybe the personality has reduced but the affection is stronger because the stand of Senegal in its relationship with The Gambia cannot change,” he said.

President Adama Barrow congratulated President Faye on his resounding election victory and wished him great success in the implementation of the progressive programmes of his  government.

He also thanked him for undertaking his second overseas visit to The Gambia and characterised it as a visible demonstration of the longstanding fraternal ties that exist between the two countries.

Mr Barrow also expressed great satisfaction with the status of the bilateral relationship between the two countries and collectively buttressed the unique bonds between the two countries due to being inextricably linked by history, geography, culture, common development aspirations.

He assured President Faye that Gambia will continue working with Senegal as a bilateral and multilateral partner.

The two leaders agreed to intensify consultations to implement the agreements on various sectors.

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