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By Omar Bah

MC Cham Jnr, the youth mobiliser of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress, has said that the First Lady’s foundation must explain the fate and circumstances of the mysterious D33M transferred to its account, saying that since the foundation is operated in the name of the First Lady it cannot be regarded as a private entity.
Last week the Foundation confirmed the transaction but said it is currently investigating the matter, also highlighting that the foundation is not a public entity but a private initiative started for humanitarian purposes.
But speaking to The Standard yesterday, Mr Cham said:
“The transfer of the D33 million dalasis should be clarified for the purpose of transparency and accountability. It would not make any sense if the government is thinking of establishing a anti-corruption commission without taking affirmative action in matters this close to the highest office of the land.”
The GDC man said what makes it the public business is that the Foundation is formed to help Gambian children, least privileged and the sick and therefore it should be transparent and accountable to the people.
“Therefore the First Lady’s foundation should clarify how that money ended up into their account and who donated it and for what, without further,” he concluded.

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