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Female farmers committed to promoting women’s leadership in agriculture

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By Aisha Tamba

Young Female Farmers Association is a group of young women committed to promote women’s leadership in the agricultural sector.

The association recently held its first annual meeting at the KMC conference hall.

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Elsie Aimee williams chairperson of the association, stressed that women’s role in agriculture remains largely unrecognised.

“Women have always been the backbone of a large majority of farming businesses and they have probably not had the recognition they deserve.  This association is focusing on girls from the grassroots level to nurture the love of farming in them and elevating the female farmers to the next level, and most importantly to choose farming as a career,” she said.

She added that farmers are misrepresented and stigmatised in the society. ”The perceptions people have of farmers must change for successful agricultural development and the young female association is for change.

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“Young women for agriculture innovation is a group of young committed women that are in 10 different agricultural sectors and sub-sectors.

Our main goal is to promote the rise of farming among young ladies especially grass roots level using modern technics to contribute immensely to the country’s nutrition status.”

She highlighted that the pandemic has caused delays in the development of the association.

”Limited financial resources and other resources, which provide us to implement planned activities. So far, we are relying on our meager resources to do what we have achieved up to this point.

We still do not  have a working place, having to look for places to have our meeting is still a challenge.

”Notwithstanding, we are working tirelessly to build the capability of our association to ensure that it is able to deliver on its mandate and effectively support the people it serves: young female farmers. In this respect, we have launched the formulation of a comprehensive 5-year plan which clearly charts out our way farward, ” she asserted.

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