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Finger-biting scandal rocks Gambian mission in Morocco

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Fabakary Jarju, a protocol officer at the Gambian Embassy in the Kingdom of Morocco, has had his finger chopped off allegedly through biting by his boss Ambassador Alasana Jammeh.
However, another side of the story described that narrative as false, claiming that Jarju cut himself with railings while attempting to fight Jammeh.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not made any official statement on the matter but the gruesome picture of the Protocol officer’s cut finger has generated intense debate among Gambians.
The communications officer at the foreign affairs ministry, Saikou Ceesay, said his ministry cannot comment on the matter as consultations are ongoing. He denied that the ambassador has been recalled but however confirmed that the Ambassador is currently in Banjul for consultations over the matter.

According to the many unconfirmed sources, Jarju used one of the vehicles of the Embassy for a private mission which didn’t go down well with Ambassador Jammeh who allegedly rushed to hit him and as Jarju was trying to stop him, he bit off his finger.

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Other sources however said the Ambassador has a non-nonsense attitude towards work and has great moral standing that would never allow him to bite his staff.
This narrative said Mr Jarjue cut himself while trying to attack the ambassador and the whole incident was distorted all over social media.
Both Jarju and the Ambassador have not made any statement on the matter.

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