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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Fire leaves Ibo Town family destitute

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Ebrima Sanneh an eyewitness told The Standard that the fire was suspected to have been started by a faulty electrical cable. He said the raging inferno was no match for the group of young men who helplessly tried to douse it with buckets of water.  He said fire brigade arrived after “almost everything was lost”.

“I have never seen sure a fire; burning down everything and ripping the whole compound apart. This is very unfortunate for the Barrow Kunda family because the fire has taken away everything and they would need to start life all over again. I am urging the public to help the victims of the fire and come to the aid of the family by contacting this number: (00220) 7164369,” Mr Sanneh pleaded.

The head of the razed compound, Mustapha Barrow, lamented that the “unfortunate incident could not have come at a worse time” while appealing for “support in this period of trying challenge.”


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