Flood victim seeks help


By Aisha Tamba

Saffiatiou Colley, a woman who became victim of floods in Nemakunku, has pleaded for help to resettle with her five kids.

The single mother said the heavy rains have destabilise her family and water keeps filling up the house whenever it rains.


“Ever since that heavy rain happened, my children and I have been struggling to sleep. As you can see, we live in a single bedroom and a palor. Two of my older daughters sleep on the floor while I sleep with the younger ones on the bed. For one week now, I did not have any sleep. I lay on the sofa and let the kids sleep on the bed. It has been one week now; we don’t even know where the water is from. My house is still filled with water,” she explained. 

Saffiatou pleaded for urgent intervention.

“I am asking for help from the government or any good citizen in any way. Most of my clothes and the children’s are soaked away, every rain is sleepless for me and my children,” she urged.

Telephone number: 786 9219