Foñi candidates tell president to convene dialogue over troubles in region


By Amadou Jadama

Five aspirants vying for the Foñi Kansala National Assembly seat have appealed to President Adama Barrow to convene a meeting and seek a definitive resolution to the violence engulfing the area brought about by clashes between Senegalese forces and MFDC separatist fighters.

This call was made on Thursday evening at a press conference at Kanfenda in Foñi Kansala.


In a long statement, Abdoulie Bojang who is contesting on an independent ticket, stated: “In case you don’t know President Barrow, Foñi and non-Foñi citizens reject in the strongest possible terms the undue shelling, militarisation and neglect of Foñi and Gambians. The war between the Senegalese timber forces and MFDC separatists must not be neglected. Please initiate peace talks as soon as possible as Gambians are suffering from a foreign war unintended for them. In fact, the brunt of the pain is absorbed by Foñi.

It’s rather unfortunate that the government we voted into office cannot or is not ready to protect its citizenry. The recent happenings along the border have internally displaced hundreds of families and this could have been averted if the government were serious on the issue. The gunfire and shelling have injected a lot of fear and panic in the region, yet, we do not know the government’s stance on the matter.

“President Adama Barrow, please do the needful. It is high time you started to think and concern yourself with real nation building. We are a sovereign country. We are the solution to our problems not Senegal or Ecomig.

The insecurity in Africa is fuelled by the very actions or inactions of you, our leaders. In the case of The Gambia, your style of inaction and delay tactics have not helped, and would not help. If you continue to drag your feet and not act or at least say something, I am afraid you will be setting precedents that will cause us all serious and unfathomable socio-politico- economic miscarriages.  

“We are unhappy. We are resolute and uncompromising in our condemnation in the strongest possible terms of this unnecessary and totally avoidable political and security misstep on our beloved and irreplaceable citizens and sovereignty…

“Now, the educated, skilled, unskilled, old, young, men, women, political and apolitical of our people are united and resolute more than ever before against anyone or authority against our people, their rights and welfare. In fact, this has but only brought us learning points, unity and consciousness of our people…