Fr Edu Gomez to preach at Atlanta Gambian Sang Marie


By Tijan Massaneh Ceesay

The President of The Gambia Christian Organization of Atlanta Georgia in The United
States Mr. Jean Marenah has revealed that Fr. Edward Gomez of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Banjul will be Chief Guest of Honour and Principal Celebrant at this year’s Sang Marie celebrations in Atlanta.

Updating on this year’s event, Marenah said Fr.Edu is known for his tough sermons and preaching against the dictatorship that prevailed in The Gambia for the last 22 years and he is fondly remembered for shattering the chains of tyranny and dictatorship in The Gambia when he went on Gambian Television and delivered his famous “Kang Killing” sermon. ”For many, this was a suicide mission but he never bulged and continued to call out the injustices and corruption in The Gambia,” Marenah said.


He further said that Gambia Christian Organization wants all Gambians in The US to join them in Atlanta during the weekend of 18th of August as they welcome and celebrate one of our liberators in the person of Fr. Edward Gomez, Kang Killing.