27 C
City of Banjul
Friday, September 25, 2020

Freedom at stake

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Internet laws spread across the earth

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Wreaking terrible havoc among youth

Maddened by the fear of breaking the law

We login trembling, with heads held low

It’s hard, bad, sad, it’s haunting

I stare at my screen in disbelief and dismay

The story is the same, each and every day

A bunch of blocked sites pile

Upon my screen evoking bile

It’s hard, bad, sad, it’s haunting

Baffled and full of despair

I wander blindly down the path of life

My freedom shrinking as evil strive

Tears trickled down my face in a pair

I found my life quite grating

It’s hard, bad, sad, it’s worsened

By pettifogging draconian internet laws

Knocking youth about in starkly blows

Bartered, sad, I feel thoroughly beaten

And found my life quite grating

We demand to be free

Loging and logout with glee

No gloomy faces, no judge to see

But a browsing and surfing spree

That we want, that life is exciting.


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