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It scorches our hearts that

Once again teachers

are treated as coolies

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Pulled and flushed out of

the race for economic security

Being placed on the altar of sacrifice

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To be the stepping stone that

resides in the bottom to elevate others

Once again fruits have

oppressed their roots

Overlooked and flouted

as a spitted spit

Or a draught donkey which only

needs what to keep it moving

Once again teachers are

eliminated from the equation

Relegated to the back seat

Relegated to the siege

of poverty- of slavery

Where they are to be left

to perish in destitution

Once again the nation’s

mitochondria is gibed

and derided

But Lo! It will take a

different course this time

The gibbers and twiddlers

shall be bitterly taught

to revere the tutors

And be shown to water

the roots that keep the

tree firm and the fruits

plump- The Teachers.

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