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The uncovered truth of tribalism

The uncovered truth of tribalism

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This scribe wrestles to write,

The pounding pains of the voiceless

On pulverised petals of pages.

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Words goes on like a meandering stream,

As he inks with a pouring heart

To speak for the voiceless.

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He writes the silent sorrow,

That speak in their hearts

And the scorched tears,

That sit red in their eyes;

As their dreams turn into dismal darkness

And voices remain

unattended to.

This scribe smites his pen on pages,

With his delicate hand,

For those voices veiled in homes

And squelched in the baray to hush.

He writes of their man-made fate,

That turn them adults before adulthood,

To groom offsprings without a groom

And left to tick away like a time bomb.

Oh shame on the scoffers!

Shame on the sharp knives of ridicule!

This scribe writes without wavering,

Nor will he ever go unvoiced.

He’s the scribe of the voiceless,

Who fights with his pen,

For the dumb to speak through him

Till deaf ears are made to hear.

*(c)? I remain your poet Abie Rachel Ogoh Nyassi

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