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The election we want

The election we want

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If history hasn’t lied to us

We would all bear witness that the bloody Nigerian Biafran war was ignited by tribal politics

When the electorates voted based on tribal bases and not leadership quality

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We don’t want to have a taste of the bitterness of tribal politics in our beloved Smiling Coast

We don’t want an electorate that are tribally chauvinist

We don’t want an electorate that vote for hope in getting paltry personal benefits from the candidates

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We want an election where electorates will vote consciously

Where voters will choose their leader base on his promising capabilities and not just his mouthful promises

We don’t want an election where electorates will vote based on relation, religion or any sort of affiliation

But an electorate that will vote for who will deliver us the greater good

We don’t want an election where the electorates will be intimidated

We want an election where electorates will vote without fear or financial pressure

We want an election that would be held in peace and respect for personal differences

We want an election where the electoral commission will be transparent and fair

Where the majorities will prevails

Where both electorates and candidates will accept the election results

And after election, they will all rally behind the elected and work towards the greater good we all yearn for

For indeed, The Gambia belongs to all of us

And it’s our collective responsibility to keep her The Smiling Coast of Africa

Kebba S Juwara

The Panacea Poet

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