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Dust and decay

Dust and decay

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In recollecting our history, the mystery

Our invented yet still a rotten identity

Consciousness on a sick bed, what a misery

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Nation ‘like a tree without roots’, what a pity

An island on a dinning table of decay

Even after bearing the name Kunta Kinteh

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Still standing like a market without traders

In schools without students and teachers

Slowly a fortress becomes a shrine

Bats worship and birds recline in ease

Walls dilapidate and value decline

Antiquity into the mist, what a disease

Oral griots the vectors of myth

Whose art obscures the truth

Statemen the spectators to their humus

And catalyst to their devalued status

Out of good olden days nations shine

Through the staking of historical legacies

Out of neglect they stumble, progress decline

And their people entrapped with uncertainties

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