Hooray, The Gallant Scorpions!

Hooray, The Gallant Scorpions!


The Gambia’s maiden appearance in the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations has made every citizen proud and provided every reason for us to be confident and hopeful of the future of football in our country. The remarkable and historic debut in Afcon marks the dawn of a new era with the country now emerging from perpetual sports failures to a respected member of the global sporting community.

As we celebrate this landmark in our history, we call on all stakeholders and the government to continue financing and promoting sports to open up opportunities for the youths to achieve excellence in all disciplines.

We noted with gratitude the huge investments government made in the last few years that undoubtedly helped in producing the fruits of joy we are all enjoying today. From this day, The Gambia’s name has been permanently inscribed in the history of this biggest sporting event in Africa.


We have proved we are worthy men and women who deserve respect and recognition. For a nation already famous for its peace, serenity and tolerance, excellence in sports can only add to this glory.

To the coaches, technicians and players in Cameroon we congratulate your courage and determination. We however demand better work rate and more adventure in the field as we meet Tunisia and Mali. The victory over Mauritania may have shot us to fame and recognition but we have set the bar for ourselves in the eyes of the opponents and expectation of the world.  

However, with the three points, we have made a significant leap towards the next round and we must not let off our feet on the gas pedal. Imagine Gambia reaching the quarter finals of the Afcon on the first attempt. What a story that would be. It is doable from what we have seen so far. So go, go, Scorpions!