Furious finance minister Njie rebuffs KK Barrow


Finance minister Mamburay Njie over the weekend lashed out at Majority leader KK Barrow, the national assembly member for Kombo South as he laid the controversial Supplementary Appropriation Bill before the assembly. In the heated debate that ensured, Mr Barrow did not only stop at criticising the budget but he also called on Mr Njie to resign. Mr Barrow said it was time every Gambian took his position to defend the fight that led to the new Gambia and that the budget is not for public interest. In response, a furious Minister Njie barked at the majority leader reminding him that no citizen has the right to tell another to resign from his job. “I am a Gambian like any other Gambian and I have been called to serve my people and I intend to stay and serve my people. I will not resign,” Njie told Barrow. The encounter was just one of many heated and sometimes acrimonious manner of the debate which resulted in the passing of the bill late in the night.]]>