GACH sponsors D2.2M mosque in Diabugu


By Saidou Baldeh

The CEO of GACH company has laid the foundation for the construction of a D2.2 million mosque and Arabic school in Diabugu Batapa, Upper River Region.

The formal session began with a welcome address given by Alhagie Baikoro Ceesay, the imam of Diabugu Batapa, who expressed profound appreciation to Jawara for what he described as a great charity in Islam.


“Allah has said in the Qur,an that whosoever constructs a mosque, He will build a house for you in paradise. As a Muslim, if your fellow Muslims are need, you should help them with a clean heart,” he said.

He advised Jawara to continue his good work as a good son of the country.

According to Imam Ceesay, Jawara also used to help villagers during Ramadan by donating rice, sugar and cooking oil.

Bubacarr Jawara, also a villager commended for his tremendous work and prevailed on him to continue serving mankind.

“What Jawara is doing in the country deserves commendation. No one in our family is doing what he is doing. We are very grateful to him – even our tap he is the one who sponsored it,” he said.

The GACH boss Abubacarr Jawara said the gesture is part of his organization’s contribution towards national development.

 “It is always good to give out charity to the needy. Allah said if you are blessed you should help those who are underprivileged. As I am speaking to you, I have also renovated the PIU headquarters in Basse,” he said.

He urged other Gambians who have the means to also support the poor.