GAF releases 2 Junglers


By Omar Bah

The Gambia Armed Forces has announced Friday it released on bail Junglers Alieu Jeng and Ismaila Jammeh who have been in detention since 2017.

While their fellow Junglers, Malick Jatta and Omar Amadou Jallow were released after confessing to their crimes at the TRRC, Jeng and Jammeh had their detention prolonged by the army for being economical with the truth while testifying at the TRRC.


But GAF said in a statement on Friday evening: “Owing to the prolonged detention of two members of the former patrol team (Junglers), WO 1 Jammeh Ismaila and WO 1 Jeng Alieu without trial contrary to section 19 (1) and (3) (b) of the 1997 Constitution, The Gambia Armed Forces wishes to inform the general public that the duo would be released [Friday] 18 March 2022 on stringent bail conditions until when the government white paper on TRRC recommendations will be released.

“The concerned soldiers were arrested and put under detention at Yundum Barracks, since 2017 for their alleged involvement in human rights violations under the former regime. Their continuous detention without being held on any criminal crime is not tenable under Service Laws and Regulations.

“It is important to draw the kind attention of the general public to the recent case of the Attorney General vs Lt. General Sulayman Badjie and two others, where the high court dismissed the application made by the state for Lt General Sulayman Badjie and Co to be detained for 90 days at the Mile II Central Prison for further investigations. The court further ordered for the immediate release of the detainees. Interestingly, the high court in its deliberations took notice of the findings and recommendations of the TRRC, but did not consider such as sufficient grounds to detain the suspects without charges, regardless of their ranks and influence in the army. The apparent change of circumstance and the reasoning of the court availed GAF the reason to release the detainees from detention.