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‘Gambia can be great again if…’

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By Juldeh Njie

Doctor Abraham, author and co-founder of the ‘Great Gambia Project’ has said that Gambia can be great again only if young people start ‘believing in themselves’.
He made this remark recently during a book lunch called the great Gambia project with the mission of correcting the belief system in the Gambia.

“All great civilizations came to be from deep within man. They all started from the place of thoughts and evolved through thinking it and seeing it and making it work, all within the mind before they became realities,” said Dr Abraham.

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He said Gambia and Africa failed because African youth have lost hope in themselves and in the continent for fulfillment in life. “It must be Europe, America or anywhere but Africa.”
He said he is optimistic of the future and it is just a matter of awaken the ‘greatness’ within the Gambian youth.

He said history has shown all the great countries have been subjected to slavery at some point in time but they took responsibility for their transformation.
He went on to say that it is time for Gambia and Africa to take up the responsibility for their transformation into manifest greatness.

“This then is a call to one and all to rise and build the new Gambia, and the great Africa, that we be no more in reproach. It’s a call to give back; in ideas, time, or whatever resources we have been blessed with”, he added.

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He said young people have something to give and this is the time for young people to use their strength and fresh ideas.
“It must begin with you. You have much to give for you are loaded and coded with God’s greatness. Arise and be great,” he urged.

The great Gambia project is a public private partnership, driven principally by the private sector established in June 2017, which seeks to motivate and model an economic transformation model in the Gambia targeting the youth in particular.

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