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Gambia-China coconut tree planting initiative launched

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On 8 August 2018, The Gambia-China Coconut Tree Planting Initiative was launched. The following is the full text of Ambassador Zhang Jiming’s remarks on the occasion:

“In collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, the Chinese Embassy together with members of the Chinese community and our Gambian sisters and brothers is conducting the coconut tree planting exercise here today. I thank you all for taking part in this activity.
For many Chinese in The Gambia, joining the local community in planting trees during rainy season is becoming a yearly event, a tradition. Last year, more than two thousand trees were planted by the Chinese and the villagers of Tumani Tenda, WCR. I said then it was only the beginning of an ongoing process, and that we not only planted trees but also would see to their survival.
We plan to plant five hundred coconut trees today which will contribute to the protection and beauty of this wonderful coastline and bring benefits in many folds.

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It demonstrates clearly that the Chinese people as well as the Gambian people all care about our environment and Mother Earth because we live in the same global village.
In the same sense, as a beautiful China is a blessing to Africa and The Gambia, so are a beautiful Africa and The Gambia to China. We are a community of common interests, shared responsibility, and most importantly shared future.

While our world is full of contradictions, we cannot afford putting environment protection and development in contradiction. Environment protection is THE integral part of development. What we pursue is green and sustainable development and harmony between man and nature.
As the Chinese saying goes, clear waters and green hills are as valuable as gold and silver, we shall protect the environment as we protect our eyes and cherish it as we cherish our lives.

Green development is one of the ten major China-Africa cooperation plans that Chinese President Xi Jinping put forth at Johannesburg three years ago. It is highly expected that our cooperation on environment protection and tackling climate change will be further enhanced as another summit of Chinese and African leaders (the FOCAC Summit) will be held in Beijing next month.
It is high time that we join hands in a can-do and down-to-earth manner and intensify the efforts to turn our global village into a better place.
Thank you!”
Source: Chinese Embassy

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