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Gambia has 554 legal practitioners as 27 new lawyers enrolled

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By Bruce Asemota

At least 27 new entrants were enrolled by the Chairman of the General Legal Council, Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow yesterday in a ceremony held at the Judiciary complex in Banjul.

Chief Justice Jallow welcomed the new entrants and disclosed that this was the 2nd batch of enrollment this year, bringing the total enrolment of Gambia legal practitioners in the country to five hundred and fifty-four (554).

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He wished them a successful career in their profession and enjoined them to remain fit and proper at all time.

He implored them to dedicate themselves to work hard and be diligent in their profession noting that the profession is all about learning more of the law and seeking knowledge.

He advised them to all observe the code of conduct of the legal profession and to uphold the dignity of the legal profession.

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He further advised that they assist the court in search of truth and justice.

He emphasized that assisting the court in search of truth and justice overrides their responsibility to their clients.

Chief Justice Jallow implored them to be honest at all times and promote the rule of law.

Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow paid tribute to retired Justice Gibou Janneh whom he said is among the first 6 Gambian lawyers enrolled and was present in the ceremony because of his love for the profession after he has retired as a Judge of the Supreme Court of the Gambia.

The Solicitor General and Legal Secretary, Hussein Thomasi, who represented the Attorney General and Minster of Justice welcomed the new entrants and advised them to uphold the ethics of the profession at all time.

He urged them to show respect to the courts and be of good manners noting that good manners open doors that education cannot give to them.

 He further urged them to refrain from public discourse about the case they are handling.

He said they are officials of the courts and must always act with decorum at all time.

SG Thomasi implored them to farmiliarize themselves with the code of conduct of the legal profession.

He further advised them never to take advantage of their clients and put the legal profession into disrepute.

Barrister Salieu Taal, president of the Gambia Bar Association, welcomed the new entrants and urged them to collectively uphold the tradition of upholding the ethics and code of conduct of the profession.

He stressed the need for them to critically help in consolidating and upholding the rule of law, noting that their comportment both inside and outside the court is important.

He underscored the importance of technology in the legal profession and warned about the use of social media platform in the legal profession.

He implored them to accord maximum respect to their colleagues and urged them to respect the Bench at all times.

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