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Gambia is far from true education

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Indeed, education makes life easy, secure and helps people to live in a healthy and very peaceful environment. This improves the brains to function comfortably and at a higher capacity. The real education always presses human being to become very civilized patriotic citizen whose worry and efforts is to die for his/her nation so that the general population would be saved and protected from every aspect of life.

This honorable person would always try to ensure that the citizens are saved from hunger and poverty and their lives are protected and granted with safety health perquisites. True education makes a patriotic citizen to deeply think about that last homeless citizen with no food instead of squandering the public funds unnecessarily.

Under true educational system, power is never used to destroy democracy or abuse humanity so that fellow citizens could be put under pressure to be maltreated or tortured, imprison and even killing them. In fact, true education teaches you to know the pain and consequences around poisoning or killing a single life. Advanced education prohibits human to become a monster for the whole nation.

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True education guides and controls the national election to be free and independent of any form of manipulation that might leads to implantation of wrong government and ultimately put the whole nation in a very risky and huddle life.

True education clearly distinguishes the period for national development and the election campaign era. The election campaign runs at a very short period towards the election date. Once the elected candidate is announced and sworn, the campaign or politic is meaningless immediately and shall not be mentioned or expressed in any form. In the same way, plans and techniques must be outlined to bring the citizens together and develop the nation to meet their expectation.

Therefore, under true educational system national development must be a deep concern for the elected government and this should be proved from their functions towards the interest of the general population every day. However, should not confuse themselves with the politic or fake the general public with politic which is already meaningless and not existing at this momentum.

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Just to pinpoint few out of many points, true education presses a civilized patriotic citizen to perpetually be on the research everyday as this will help to compete with other countries for modern development.

Unfortunately, these fundamentals are lacking in the Gambia and this is proved and manifested from the nature of most of the Gambian graduates with PHD, Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree. Under true educational system, most Gambian graduates could be best defined as undergraduate students and this contributes to the reasons why Gambia cannot produce even a thread since 1965.

For example, if we shall glance over the health sector in the Gambia, you will find that Dr Samateh achieves the most famous or popular surgeon under this department and he feels so proud of that. By the way, being a doctor at the hospital is a big achievement and it worth dignity. However, on the other hand, being a doctor is not a great deal because you only followed someone’s theories and practical until you are qualified to treat and cure patients as medical doctor. In real sense you are trained to extend and deliver the messages of treatment and curing the diseases, but you invent nothing to be medically recognized and extraordinary.

You meet the same thing with those who have the access to the management of public funds. They would have every mind to corrupt themselves and squander the accumulated public funds unnecessarily. However, under the same management board if you shall ask them to produce an extraordinary patent of generating and accumulate the Dalasi from zero and improve the national economy the answer will be negative. Surprisingly, this is the nature of Gambians since 1965.

Clearly, time is up for us to come together and establish a very good government that would be ready to review our policies and school curriculum thoroughly and make adjustments where ever is necessary.

This will serve as a mechanism to introduce Gambian elites to critical thinking and produce lot of creative personals and inventors towards the modern development. Scientifically, this will help us to produce and consume our own products rather than poisoning the whole nation with foreign contaminated drugs.

Only critical thinkers could help to establish a better government and facilitate rapid development for the nation. For instance, if Minister Dr. Samateh is able to manufacture paracetamol syrup for Gambians, this catastrophe would not have happened under his supervision. Simultaneously he will critically think to feel and know the value of single life instead of struggling not to resign! In fact, this is suicidal!

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