Ismaila Kanteh to run for Kiang West as an Independent Candidate


By Lamin Cham

Ismaila Kanteh, from Janneh Kunda village, has announced he will run for the Kiang West constituency in the upcoming National Assembly election as an independent candidate.

Kanteh, a senior civil servant explained why he wants to contest this often hotly contested seat: “Since 2017, I have been privileged to witness and monitor the worsening problems in this area. I have convinced myself that I am the right candidate to address the needs and aspirations of my people in Kiang West”.


Asked how he intends to solve Kiang West’s problem of poor infrastructure among others things, Kanteh said: “Basically, my focus will be on health, youths, and the elderly who will be empowered hundred percent. I will also work on the key roads, notably the Karantaba – Kemoto road that runs through to Taborankoto as well as others that run through the back of major villages like Manduar, Joli Janneh Kunda, Mandina right down to Burrong.”

Mr Kanteh said though he may not be a career politician, he has the zeal and passion to inspire and take Kiang West to the next level.

Kanteh said once elected he would give 50% of his monthly salary to one community every month for the duration of his five-year term. “And since I am familiar with the problems of my people this would not be difficult to implement. I am also privileged with the activities of the National Assembly having worked closely with the body over the last 30 years and it will be easier for me to get my messages across,” Kanteh said.

Mr Kanteh further said he intends to work towards the building of a proper functioning health centre as well as a regular supply of electricity in the areas from Keneba to Kemoto through Tabarankoto to Mandina and Tankular on the backway.