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‘Barrow will not betray the UDP’

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By Omar Bah

Falang Sonko, the former United Democratic Party regional coordinator for KMC, has taken a rather optimistic view of the current spat between the UDP and the supposed Barrow second term proponents.
Mr Sonko described as ‘hypocrites’ those interfering in President Barrow-UDP affairs, adding that he is sure that the Gambian leader will not betray his native political party to form a new party.

Speaking at the recent UDP Gunjur rally, Sonko said: “Barrow is our son and this quarrel is between us in the family and therefore people should leave us alone because I am very sure that he will not betray the UDP. We may have differences here and there but at the end of the day we will come together as one family.”
Sonko, a die-hard UDP member who was among militants arrested for alleged illegal gathering in 2014, said there is strong possibility that all the noise would result to nothing and when the dust settles, those creating or feasting in the seemingly muddy waters would be put to shame.

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Sonko personally singled out NRP leader and minister of Tourism, Hamat Bah, saying he should shut up. “He is saying that Barrow cannot fit in anyone’s pocket but if a good son can fit in his father’s pocket that should be a pride for him. People should stop interfering with UDP affairs, because no one can destabilize the UDP. They will try but they will fail miserably. Take Jammeh as an example, how much money and energy did he spend trying in vain to destroy the UDP?” Sonko quizzed.

Sonko further called on UDP supporters to tighten their belts because there are more challenging days ahead in the country’s political spectrum.
“There are more trying times ahead because many people are beating their chest now claiming that they have The Gambia at heart. UDP supporters should just avoid engaging in anything that will destabilize this country,” he advised.
Meanwhile, the party’s new national youth president Sulayman Saho, said Gambians should realize that there will never be dictatorship in The Gambia again.

Saho also took time to throw his opinion on the recent gun saga, saying that the news of the guns broke fear that engulfed the people and therefore the whole affair should be made clear to the Gambian people.

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Also speaking at the rally, the UDP senior administrative secretary, Lamin Dibba, called on Gambians to stop provoking one another, saying the UDP will not allow anyone to destabilize the country. “We all have seen what happened here during the political impasse, so we should all ensure that this country remains peaceful and stable. We will not allow anyone to spoil the peace and cohesion the country is enjoying now,” he said.

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