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Hamat explains encounter with Jammeh’s envoys

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By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the National Reconciliation Party Hamat NK Bah and minister of Tourism yesterday gave an account of how he was contacted by envoys from former President Yahya Jammeh during the political impasse. Addressing a press conference at the NRP Bureau, Hamat said the first encounter was on 24 December 2016 when a man introducing himself as a pastor met him to say that he was sent by Jammeh to offer him vice president.

“He came with others and we met at my Bureau and after listening to them, I told them I was not interested in any job from Jammeh and in fact I told them to inform Jammeh that we have found a place for him to go into exile.
“I gave the pastor the name of the country and contact numbers of an official there,” Hamat said.

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He further disclosed that the men left and informed Jammeh who did not believe them.
“They came back to say one General Saul Badgie would like to meet me. This time I put the then President-elect Barrow in the picture. The men wanted me to meet them at night which I initially refused but Mr Barrow assured me that they will send a vehicle and some men to follow me and that’s how I went to meet them,” Hamat said. He added that Saul Badgie asked him about details of what he told the first emissaries and he repeated to him that a country has offered to take Jammeh if he chooses to go outside and leaves the throne.

Mr Bah said he never negotiated with Jammeh for any position as it was impossible for him to listen to a government that has already been defeated, adding that the allegation made by Rambo Jatta of the APRC is a lie.
Mr Bah said the APRC should think more about the revelations from the TRRC and be prepared to know what to tell the Gambian people.
Meanwhile, the NRP leader also criticised the President of Gambia Bar Association over a statement she made at a recent legal gathering.

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