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Monday, September 25, 2023

Kudus to NAWEC!!!


In the past few years, a lot had been said about and against the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) as many citizens faced a lot of challenges when it comes to the supply of water or electricity or both. In some areas, the power cuts were so frequent that the residents lost hope completely.

Of course, one could easily understand that the issue of power cuts and dry taps is not the problem of only the sitting government as it has been perennial as shown in the journey from Gambia Utilities Corporation to MSG and then to NAWEC which reveals that the problem has been here for some time.

However, during the past few months NAWEC has transformed itself into a totally new entity when it comes to the provision of water and electricity. The frequent power cuts are becoming a thing of the past and many households who used to complain about power cuts now have a more regular supply.

True, occasionally, there are power cuts but they are no longer as frequent as they used to be. It seems that the company has endeavored to ensure that citizens enjoy better services. The improvement is welcome. We urge NAWEC to work harder to make sure that the gains are strengthened, improved and sustained.

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