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Former APRC adviser apologises to Gambians

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By Maimuna Sey-Jawo

Alhagie Basiru Gassama, a former divisional and regional APRC adviser who claimed to have defected to United Democratic Party, has said he regretted supporting APRC party for 22 good years.
“I am apologizing to the entire Gambian people because I did not know. If I knew the truth about the type of government we had, I would not have followed them,” he said.

Bas, as he is also called, said Yahya Jammeh betrayed Gambians by leading a government whose actions were different from its pronouncements.
He said he cross-carpeted to UDP when Jammeh accepted and later rejected defeat which showed him as a selfish man.

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The former APRC adviser expressed gratitude to a statement made by regional chairman of APRC in West Coast Solo Marreh who urged APRC militants to understand and accept defeat.
Gassama dismissed accusations against the UDP, saying the party is open to all ethnic groups and not just Mandinkas as detractors often say.

On the much talked about Coalition 3-year agreement, Gassama said the Constitution should be obeyed and serve a five-year term. He further accused GDC leader Mamma Kandeh of betraying the people by not joining the coalition.

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