Gambia observes Red Cross Day


The participants marched from Churchill’s Town to GRCS’s head office in Kanifing where a symposium on the theme ‘power of humanity: the Fundamental Principles in Action’ was held.

Dr Alieu G Gaye, the chairman of GRCS, said the day was meant to reflect on Red Cross’ humanitarian services. 

According to him, this year’s commemoration also marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of its seven fundamental principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, independence, unity, voluntary service and universality. 


He added: “Our fundamental principles have been at the centre of all major humanitarian operations for over a century. They ensure the trust and acceptance of communities. Ultimately, they enable the movement to be present on the ground when delivering services, even in the most extreme situations. To reach people in crisis, our principle of humanity, impartiality, and neutrality can be our entire shield. 

“The global humanitarian landscape has become more complex and more severe, by worsening conflicts and the aggravating impacts of climate change. These challenges have impacted the ability of Red Cross and Crescent societies to access people in need.

“Reasserting of the seven fundamental principles in today’s complex humanitarian environment can save thousands of lives in crisis. Whether helping communities cope with Ebola, supporting people fleeing violence in a refugee camp, providing opportunities for education in slums or taking aid into areas of conflict, we have to build trust and make certain that our 7 fundamental principles are universally understood and respected at all times.”

Alhaji Sankare, regional director of Region One, described Red Cross as an important guide in the work of the movement. 

He told GRCS: “Throughout the year, we encourage you to take the opportunity to engage departments, institutions and communities by raising an awareness of the seven fundamental principles, reinvigorating their use and purposes. From beneficiaries to policy makers, it is essential to remind our partners the seven elements that make up the identity of International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.” 

Also speaking, Isatou Joof, Volunteer Management Coordinator, delivered a talk on the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross movement.