‘Gambia still faces challenges of sustainable peace’


By Mafugi Ceesay in Tendaba, LRR

The director of the Department of Strategy Policy and Delivery, Mr Alhagie Nyagador, has told The Gambia peace-building capitalisation retreat in Tendaba that the country is still facing challenges of sustainable peace.

Deputising for the Secretary General, Mr Nyagador stressed that the prospect of sustainable peace in The Gambia is brighter but there are challenges that require collective efforts to overcome. He said the retreat will provide the country an opportunity to deliberate on those challenges.


Claude Kondor, political adviser to the special representative of the president of Ecowas said the goal of the Ecowas-EU Peace, Security and Stability Mandate Project funded by the European Union is to provide support to the consolidation of peace, democracy and good governance in The Gambia under four fundamental result areas. These are: strengthening of security governance structure; supporting national dialogue and reconciliation process; improving democratic and governance processes; and enhancing coordination and partnership.

He said eight erganisations and institutions have benefited including the Inter-Party Committee, the Independent Electoral Commission, Office of National Security, the National Assembly, the West Africa Network for Peace-building, the National Council for Civic Education, the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, and the Directorate of Strategic Policy and Delivery at the Office of the President.

He said it was prudent the retreat was organised to assess what was achieved through the implementation of the various activities, share lessons learned and best practices, and further define long-term strategic actions for the consolidation of peace in The Gambia.
He said the Ecowas Permanent Mission based in The Gambia has as part of its annual work plan some activities to implement that are focused on the consolidation of the peace, democracy and good governance in The Gambia.