Gambia to get over D30M World Cup bonus


According to the much-respected World Soccer magazine online version, the announcement which came at the same time that Fifa boss Blatter announced his intention to stand again, came as no surprise: “The fact that a bonus was in the offing was no secret: Blatter had made a point of raising the expectations of each confederation in his addresses to them all over the previous two days before Tuesday”, World soccer reported Wednesday.

However, within the formality of congress, it was financial director Markus Kuttner who had the responsibility of delivering the announcement and specifying the sums.

This, of course, freed Blatter from any accusation that he might be seeking political capital… just in case he were to consider running for president again next year.


By today’s exchange rate The Gambia’s bonus would amount to over D30 million dalasi.


By Lamin Cham