Gambia to house World Conference of Mayors Africa bureau


The headquarters of the African chapter of the World Conference of Mayors WCM will be housed in The Gambia.

The WCM is the global organisation of mayors and heads of cities and municipalities.

According to Sheriff Baldeh the WCM national representative and CEO of SOFORA ITECH diplomatic consultancy, a request for a site to build the office has already been submitted to the Gambia government, a positive response to which is eagerly awaited.


Mr Baldeh said the location of such an important institution in The Gambia will not only boost the country’s international reputation and networking but also contribute immensely to her tourism.

“It would mean that each time the WCM African chapter is meeting, mayors and their delegations from elsewhere in the world will converge in Banjul just as the world go to Adis Ababa each AU summit,” Baldeh said.

Already, three former and serving mayors and regional governors are members of the WCM. They are former Banjul Mayor Samba Faal, former CRR governor and now lands minister Abba Sanyang and current BAC chairman Sheriffo Sonko.

A few months ago, Chairman Sonko attended the WCM glbal meeting in the United States.

Just recently, through the recommendation of Hon Baldeh, the mayor of the Municipality of Banyo in Cameroon, Soule Garba, has been   appointed executive member of the WCM governing body.

“Mr Garba’s appointment into the global WCM executive body will give the continent leverage in the affairs of the organisation,” Mr Baldeh said.

The WCM is founded and headed by U.S politician Johnny Ford.