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Gambia Zero Hunger gains momentum

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The recently launched National Zero Hunger Review is gradually picking up pace in their drive to fight hunger in the country.
The initiative is facilitated by the WFP with the objective of supporting the Government of The Gambia to eradicate hunger in the country and prevent food insecurity.

On Tuesday the group called on the Vice president Overseer and Minister for Women’s Affairs, Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang who will serve as the chair person of the decision-making body of this initiative. During the meeting the team discussed the next steps to identifying hunger gaps and challenges of the country at central, regional and community.

The team was led by the United Nations Resident Coordinator and present were WFP, FAO and UNICEF representatives, as well as, the Lead Convener. The meeting will be followed by regional consultative sessions, which will be led by Musa Mbenga, the Lead Convener, and team of researchers specialized in agriculture, nutrition, gender and social protection, as well as, policy and private sector issues. The Advisory Board comprises of cabinet ministers, development partners including donors and heads of civil society organizations.

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