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Gambian migrants die in last week’s ‘back way’ boat accident

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They were among the 400 people who drowned after a fishing boat packed with migrants capsized off the Libyan Coast last week.

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They are Zakaria Darboe 27 years; Al-Hasana Jah 25 years; Ebrima Colley 20 years; Lamin Hydara 25 years; and Lamin Darboe 26 years.

Lamin Darboe, father of the late Zakaria Darboe told The Standard: “I knew nothing about his travelling because he hid it from me. I just received information on Thursday around 7pm from my brother informing me about his death that was the time I knew that he had travelled. He was a hard-working boy and he was pious.”

For his part, Kalilou Jah, father to Al –Hasana Jah, said: “We heard the news first from the Gambia Radio that the boat had capsized off the Libyan coast. One of our relatives called the boat owner in Libya to ask him about him about the incident, he told me that many people died especially those from Mandinari.  This is how we received the news.  The boy had an aim that motivated him to take this dangerous journey to Europe in order to rescue his parents from poverty. May God forgive him and may he rest in eternal peace.”

Ndey Haddy Jarju, cousin to the late Ebrima Colley, explained that one of her elder brothers called her from the UK that he had received a call from another brother who told her about the tragedy.  

For Sainey Samusa, uncle to the late Lamin Hydara, said: “I received the news on Sunday that he had arrived in Italy. On Friday around 10am we heard that the boat capsized. Then I went to Darboe Kunda and asked Omar Darboe to call his son Lamin Darboe who is in Italy and ask whether Lamin was among those rescued but the son said he never saw Lamin.”

In the case of the late Lamin Darboe, his mother Fatou Sanneh, received the news of his death on Thursday around 10am from the Darboe Kunda.


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