Gambian pilgrims due back next week

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By Olimatou Coker

The Gambian pilgrims to this year’s hajj are due back next week, Imam Baba Leigh, a member of the National Hajj Commission confirmed to The Standard yesterday.

According to him, the pilgrims will begin arriving on Wednesday 27th July with about 400 people on the first flight. The rest of the pilgrims, he said, will arrive the next day, Thursday 28th July.


According to Imam Leigh, all Gambian pilgrims are fine with no serious sickness or death reported so far. “This year’s hajj was smaller because of the reduction of the quota but it has been very successful with our pilgrims complying very well during the hajj which was so helpful,” Imam Leigh said.

He also said there has not been any major complaint apart from some complaints about the quality of food.

He called on the families of the pilgrims to give them chance to rest on their return from hajj which is a very physically demanding venture.