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Gambians are forward-looking


A research conducted by the Centre of policy, Research and Strategic Studies in collaboration with the University of The Gambia has revealed that eighty-seven percent of Gambians want to see a two five-year term limit in the new Constitution.

The report has also shown that about eighty-six percent of Gambians wish to see vetting and approval of the National Assembly for ministerial nominees in the new Constitution. The report also shows that a good percentage of Gambians wish to see that regional governors are elected instead of being appointed by the president.

These results – among others – show that the Gambian people are indeed thinking like people of the twenty-first Century. It shows that the Gambian people are very well informed and are aware of the new democratic trends in the world.

These few pointers show that the Gambian population wants to enjoy all the democratic goodies that can be attained from a truly democratic state. More interestingly, a large percentage of Gambians also wish to see a quota system introduced for women in the National Assembly.

With these results, the Gambian population has shown to the Government, and indeed the whole world, that they no longer wish to lag behind in the advancement of democracy. It is time therefore, for both the government and the people of The Gambia to move forward and build a truly democratic state.

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