‘Gambians must believe in themselves as a nation’

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By Amadou Jadama

Prominent diasporan and philanthropist has said that the first lesson Gambians must learn to develop their country is to be believe in themselves as a people desiring to uplift their mother land.

Sulayman Sawaneh, a native of Njaba Kunda said the common mistake most Gambians make is to think that good things are not possible in the country.


“I wonder how we can proper when anytime you think of anything Gambians would say this not possible here.  The place where we think everything is possible started just like our country. People there believed in themselves and worked hard to develop their nation.”

Mr Sawaneh further called on Gambians to always accept whenever they make mistakes whether in your work place or anywhere you are should come out and clear yourselves to the public that is honesty. He added that no matter how that mistake difficult is, but that will bever make you first and last., only to set you free and the public and also to bring peace in the country.”

Sawaneh concluded by urging Gambians to spend time working on the positive potentials of the country and stop the infighting and false accusation of each other.