GAMTUB holds first sectoral mapping of trade unions


By Mariam Sankanu

The Gambia Trade Union kicked off its first five-day sectoral mapping of trade unions and training at Gambia Teachers’ Union, Kanifing.
The Union which comprises Teachers’ Union, Gambia Labour Congress and Gambia National Trade Union, has decided to start with the transport and informal sector, though they have intentions of looking in to other sectors.
The president of GAMTUB, Kabba M Ceesay, described these two as very important sectors for any country’s development.

“The transport sector is an important player in the socio economic development of a country. They move people. They move goods. We need to organise the transport sector. That is why we give priority to the transport sector so that we will be able to set up a solid transport front that will represent all stakeholders in the transport sector so that their interest will be best protected,” he said.
According to him, the informal sector makes the most contributions to any country’s development, which has made it the main focus of the International Labour Organisation, but it is the least appreciated.
He said that is why they deem it necessary to form the informal sectors into a union.
The trainer is Joseph Toe, programme organiser and coordinator of International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).


The president of GAMTUB is optimistic about the outcome of the training because Mr Toe has a good reputation across West Africa for being an expert at what he does.
Division being a major cause of failure, the president said that they hope all the unions form one confederation and hopefully affiliate to the ITUC. “For workers, unity is strength. Divided makes us weak in the eyes of the government.”