Ganu, 5 others join NPP


By Talibeh Hydara

The National People’s Party has taken the first spoils from Saturday’s nomination as five presidential aspirants, including one who was disqualified by the IEC, have endorsed President Adama Barrow.

Gambia Alliance for National Unity, Tamsir Jasseh, Mathew Gomez, Dr Amadou Kanteh and Mamadou Bah, and Mamadi Camara have all hopped on the white horse as the ruling NPP increases its numbers ahead of the December polls.


The first to jump ship was Mamadou Bah, followed by Sheikh Tijan Hydara who said Ganu endorsed the incumbent to “support the country’s development objectives and to boost national reconciliation”.

“The country’s national development is a top priority and Ganu is ready to join hands with the president of the republic to further develop our beloved nation,” he said.

Mr Hydara, who until recently was leading the Jammeh-backed APRC faction, urged his supporters to “join President Barrow’s wagon of development for the best interest of the country.”

Tamsir Jasseh, Mathew Gomez and Mamadou Bah all withdrew their nominations while Dr Amadou Kanteh didn’t go further than the announcement of his bid for presidency.

President Adama Barrow is now leading a coalition comprising APRC, NRP, PPP, NCP, Ganu, GPDP and at least half-a-dozen independent presidential aspirants.

Sources within NPP have told The Standard that more presidential aspirants are expected to join the Barrow camp in the coming days.