GAP calls for political maturity ahead of election


By Omar Bah

The Gambia Action Party has called on Gambians more especially politicians to exercise maturity during and after December presidential election.

“We urge all citizens including the political parties, media personnel and the party surrogates to be peace ambassadors for the Gambia. We must be conscious of how division could damage our country. We must discourage all forms of abusive languages, exposure of private lifestyles, tribalism, regionalism and or sectional beliefs toward a particular group,” GAP presidential candidate Alieu Sowe told The Standard.


Sowe further urged all Gambians to exercise the discipline and maturity demonstrated in the last presidential election.

“In 2016, Gambians came together with hope and passion to vote Jammeh out without fighting or killing each other. We can demonstrate the same civility this December,” he said.

The GAP leader however urged Gambians to vote for the party in December.

“A GAP government will commit to listen to the voice of every single Gambian and effectively work towards granting the socio-economic development agendas that will positively contribute to the enhancement of our nation at the global economic zone, reduce abject poverty and meticulously improve the standard of living. We challenge all parties to follow the process of due diligence and quit attacks from personalities as we move closer to December 04th elections,” Sowe said.