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GAP tells gov’t never to legalise homosexuality

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By Omar Bah

Opposition Gambia Action Party leader, Musa Yali Batchilly, has strongly condemned homosexuality and said the government must not legalise it.

In a write-up shared with The Standard, the GAP leader said: “We should never compromise gays and lesbianism in The Gambia. It is absolutely flirtatious and barbaric for the same gender to engage in sexual fraternization and none of the religions practiced in the country endorsed it.

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“We have observed that the government is turning blind eye to such crucial matters that can have serious repercussions on the future of our country. A GAP led government will have zero tolerance for people who openly practice homosexuality and will have no right or privilege in The Gambia,” he said.

He added that “calamity will not befall on us because of a few individuals who sold their inner peace for money due to white supremacy”.

Health sector

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Commenting on the country’s health sector, Batchilly said: “Ineptitude of the health ministry again costs dear lives through the Acute Kidney Disease. A GAP led government under my stewardship, shall restructure a modern health ministry that will uphold the principles of justice to the lives of all citizens.

“National Drug Regulatory Board will be established to ensure safety and all government hospitals shall equally have self-reliant pharmacies. Clinics will be upgraded and construction of modern art hospitals across the country will also be part of our reform agenda,” he added.

Turning to the economy, Batchilly said over the years, the Gambia Government has demonstrated “inefficiency” to grow the country’s economy and resulted in accumulating debt that the country will struggle to pay in years to come.

“They bankrupted our country and created a legacy of malicious and exploitative loan deals as well as overstretched and demoralised the public services, but they are still praising themselves of improving and strengthening our economy through fallacious IMF reports that doesn’t reflect on the lives of ordinary Gambians,” he stated.

The GAP leader warned that under his government, banks and financial institutions will stop asking for impossible requirements on loan applications.

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