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GCCA+ project to plant over 4000 coconut trees for coastal greening

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By Olimatou Coker

The GCCA+Climate Resilient Coastal and Marine Zone project for The Gambia, funded by the European Union in partnership with the Government and National Environment Agency, has recently held a coconut tree planting exercise for coastal greening .

The initiative is aimed at consolidating results and positive experiences of the previous GCCA project “Support to The Gambia for integrated coastal zone management (ICZM and the mainstreaming of climate change” 2013-2016.

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One of the activities of the project is ‘coastline greenings’, which comprises the planting of coconut trees and mangroves.

This exercise is a wetland conservation through ecosystem based approach. As a result, the project in collaboration with the Civil Society Organizations operating along the coastline, hoteliers, beach bar owners, and government institutions in implementing this coconut planting activity along the coastline.

This important ecosystem restoration exercise is also done at different locations from Senegambia to Kartong.

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Dr. Dawda Badjie, Executive Director of National Environment Agency, said it is important for them to reflect that the Gambia coastal zone, where majority of over 60% of our population live consist of only 80 kilometers of what they call open coast.

“That’s where you are now on coastline and also about 200 kilometers of what do you call the center coastline. So in a sense we have a very limited coast that we need to protect”.

Yankuba Darboe, Chairman of Brikama Area Council, said: “The areas for planting the coconut trees were carefully selected.”

Chairman Darboe said this moment marks a significant milestone in their collective journey towards a cleaner, greener, healthier and more harmonious ecosystem.

“Today as we gathered on the open sky or rather clouded sky surrounded by the beauty of nature, we pledge to do just that with the guidance of relevant stakeholders, the dedication of each person here present, we embark on a mission that resonates with the very heartbeat of our planet.”

Kemo Fatty of Green Up Gambia, said this is a monumental responsibility,  while reminding the public of the Banjul  declaration statements made by former president of the Gambia, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara,  in 1977 for the need to protect the Gambia.

Abubacarr Kujabi, Project Coordinator GCCA+, said for 15 years now they have been collaborating with few organizations.

Boto Bojang, Councilor Sanyang Ward, said for the past years Sanyang ward has been crying due to the damages.

“With these coconut trees, it will help us to mitigate erosions,”

He added that over 4000 coconuts trees to be planted along the coastline.

The Global Climate Change Alliance+ GCC+ is consolidating results and positive experiences of the previous GCCA project support to the Gambia for integrated Coastal Zone Management and the mainstreaming of climate change 2013 to 2016. It is hoped that the GCCA+ come together with efforts from civil society organizations can support the attainment of the Banjul declaration and restoring the flora and fauna.

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