GDC denies losing Jimara to NPP


By Omar Bah

The National Assembly Member for Jimara has described as “nonsensical” claims by NPP deputy campaign manager that GDC has lost support in the constituency. Speaking at an NPP rally on Sunday, Dodou Sanno appealed to GDC leader Mamma Kandeh, a native of the area, to swallow his pride and join President Barrow’s NPP “before it is too late”.

“The GDC is all but finished in Jimara. When Mamma Kandeh knew President Barrow was coming to Jimara he [Kandeh] rushed and started distributing colanuts to villages in the constituency and invited villagers for meetings. But all the villages except five rejected his colanuts. We received information that he slaughtered a cow in anticipation of receiving those villages but none of them turned up. [On Saturday he had to] return to Kombo and surrendered Jimara to President Barrow. It is all over,” Sanno said.


However, reacting to Sanno’s claims, Sowe contended: “I am not surprised about the comments made by Dou Sanno or any member of the NPP at that rally. That party is formed on the basis of betrayal and deceit. However, they are free to continue deceiving themselves but Gambian people will prove them wrong in December.”

Sowe challenged Sanno to tell Gambians the villages that rejected Kandeh’s colanut because he claimed even Sanno’s own village took the colanuts.

“I want to tell the NPP and Sanno that the GDC is still in control of Jimara. They went to that place and rented a crowd when they realised that people were not willing to come out. Let them keep misleading Adama Barrow,” he said.

He accused Sanno and his colleagues of coercing alkalolu in Jimara to mobilise people to attend the rally.

Sowe said the colanuts Kandeh shared was to ask for prayers from elders for the next presidential election.

“Kandeh didn’t run away from Jimara, he was rushing to catch a flight. He is not in town. “He also denied that Kandeh killed a bull for villagers in Jimara.