GDC welcomes APRC supporters not trusting Barrow


By Olimatou Coker

Momodou MC Cham, the national youth president of the Gambia Democratic Congress, has said his party would be willing to welcome supporters of the former ruling APRC who do not trust the alliance with the NPP.

Reacting to news of the APRC-NPP alliance, Mr Cham said the coalition is an advantage to the GDC as it demonstrates once again that Gambians cannot trust President Barrow. “Just because he wants to stay in power Barrow is now plotting against Gambians. We in the GDC will continue to open our arms and welcome the APRC support base who are patriotic Gambians interested in keeping their party alive,” MC added.


He further noted that executive members of parties do not necessarily own the people nor can they decide for them.

“The parties’ structures must be supported by its people to be effective, that is people power,” Cham added.