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GDC’s MC Cham explains decision to quit


The opposition Gambia Democratic Congress campaign manager MC Cham who resigned from the party yesterday has been explaining why he has to quit.

In his resignation letter addressed to the party and seen by The Standard, Mr Cham stated: “I am writing this letter to resign from the party with immediate effect. As you are aware, there are so many issues I am facing with the party that are no longer bearable. It has gotten to the extent of depriving my right to association and independence as a citizen.”

Cham also said the GDC didn’t help him to realise his full potential in the roles he held, and further alleged that his capacity and capabilities have been reduced.

“I know some of you were very helpful in my hard times, but the problem is that the party does not respect my political stance as an individual in the Gambia and in the region. I work for the people on social issues as a Pan African and do not compromise my values for any individual, organisation, or government. I know this will hurt you but I hope you will forgive and accept this sudden resignation,” he concluded.

Mr Cham’s resignation came a day after the GDC issued a statement disassociating itself from his decision to endorse Senegalese opposition leader Ousman Sonko.

The party had earlier issued a statement announcing Mr Cham’s  suspension from the executive for a month.  

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