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The Gambia Football Federation GFF is intending to spend D77, 052, 487 during the course of the coming year according to a budget presented for approve by delegates at last week’s AGM. Presenting the budget the GFF Finance director Kemo Cee’say informed the assembly of the assumptions, targeted income and expenditure of the federation during the coming year.

He said the Fifa forward operational support of $500, 000.00 per annum and $750,000 for project shall continue while the Gambia government shall continue to fund the activities of the national teams.
Mr Cessay said the GFF also shall continue its financial prudence policy and strictly adhere to its procurement policy too among other things.

He disclosed that the GFF’s main sources of funding comes from FIFA Forward Program which is meant to provide member associations with resources and structure to deliver a state-of-the-art programme, meaning; more investment in development for members, more impact via tailor-made plans to meet specific needs and more oversight so that all funds are used responsibly.

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He then gave the full details of Income and expenditure as follows.

INCOME in Dalasi – at D45 per Dollar
FIFA Forward Operational Support DM22, 500, 000 28
FIFA Contract of Agreed Objectives- Projects DM33, 750, 000
FIFA Travel support for national teams DM7, 875, 000 10
Local Sponsorship DM4, 650, 000
CAF Financial Support DM 5, 625, 000
Gate Takings DM 4, 618, 000
Total DM 79, 018, 000


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Expenditure in DalasisMarketing & Communication DM1, 530, 000
Football Material & Equipment DM1, 600, 000
Capacity Building CARM Projects DM1, 650, 000
Staff Cost DM8, 374,987
Operation Cost DM3, 650, 000
Prizes & Award DM 3,175, 000
Professional Fees DM2, 150, 000
Developmental Expenses DM 7, 593, 750
Sporting Area – (CARM) DM 4, 016, 250
Infrastructure Development DM 13, 162, 500
Lighting Of Fields DM8, 100, 000
Capital Expenditure and Investment DM 5, 000, 000
Youth Football And Men Competition DM10, 800, 000
Referee Development DM1, 300, 000
Medical 650,000 1% Women Football DM 4,300,000
Total Expenses DM77, 052, 487

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