GFF to decide fate of 2 staff ‘politicians’


The executive committee of the Gambia Football Federation will decide the fate of two of its staff members who are also executive members of political parties. The two are finance director Kemo Ceesay and Pa Matarr Ndow of UDP and APRC, respectively.

According to GFF secretary general, Lamin Jassey, all staff of the Federation have been notified with a regulation which states none can take executive positions in political parties or address political platforms.

Ceesay and Ndow are in contravention of that rule by virtue of being executive members of political parties. “The matter is now forwarded to the GFF executive committee to decide on their position. There is nothing personal in this and I think that should be understood by all,” Jassey told The Standard yesterday.


The Standard contacted both Ceesay and Ndow, but they declined to comment on the issue.