Gitteh predicts NPP will lose West Coast


Firebrand politician and one of the unsuccessful aspirants of the National People’s Party ‘s ticket for the chairmanship elections in West Coast, Ahmad Gitteh, has said the party will pay the price for betraying him in the recent primaries.

Mr Gitteh was widely believed to have won the first round of the primaries when he scored 31 votes against eventual winner Seedy Ceesay’s 30. However, party officials conducting the selection process invalidated Gitteh’s winning vote.

He walked out of the rerun and declared he will run on an independent ticket. 


Speaking on Kerr Fatou yesterday, Mr Gitteh said over 90 percent of the NPP support base did not approve of the injustice meted out to him and the party will pay for it . “In fact NPP has already lost West Coast. I know that the regional executive is divided with majority of them in solidarity with me over the injustice and when the election comes they will express this in the way they will vote,” he said.

Job offers

Mr Gitteh also disclosed that he has been hinted with job offers since his fall out with the party.

“But why would they now consider me for a job when they have not thought of it since. Why now? But even if I am offered the job of vice president now, I would not take it ,” Mr Gitteh said.