Glorious Haddijatou Njie: Representative of West Coast Region

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By Olimatou Coker

Better known as Glo, Ms Njie is representing the West Coast Region in the December 30th Miss Gambia beauty pageant.

The 27-year-old works with an online media Voice Out Digital (VOD) as a presenter and reporter. She also showcases as a high-fashion runway model.

Glo was the winner of the famous Miss Gambia West Coast Region.


Beautiful and talented, Glo lives in Brusubi with her mum and a sibling.

She graduated from West Africa International School in 2013 and also did a course in business administration at the tax ground and a public speaking course at the Forbes Academy.

Her topic centers on the less privileged children. “I’m not only representing myself or just standing on that stage for myself, but I have people from my region that are looking up to me and also supporting as well. So it’s something that I’m grateful for.”

“These children are part of the society and making them feel so is very important. And to also help them enrol in schools, not only in schools but also unconventional jobs.”